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3D Inspector App for Trimble Access

Stake Out - Inspect - Monitorize


Welcome to the 3D Inspector App´s website!


Allterra´s 3D Inspector is a solution for a quick and easy stake out, inspection and monitorization of standard and free formed 3D shapes.

About us


AllTerra Deutschland GmbH is the Trimble Partner in Bavaria.

    • Founded as Sinning Vermessungsbedarf GmbH back in 1994 as Zeiss dealer in Bavaria.
    • In 2000 Sinning became the authorized Trimble dealer in the region
    • In 2014 the company splitted into 2 independent companies: GIL GmbH as Trimble dealer in Bavaria for the Geospatial division and Trimble Railway GmbH responsible for the Rail division.
    • In 2016 GIL GmbH changed its name to AllTerra Germany GmbH

This 3D Inspector App has been developed for us by our partner Calvo Geospatial Consulting.

Calvo Geospatial works together with a multidisciplinary team of partners and has 20 years experience in building and land surveying, civil engineering, GIS, Architechture, CAD, software development, etc and has developed many surveying solutions in the last 15 years across Europe.

Calvo develops customized software solutions under Trimble Access, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Civil3D, Revit, ArcGIS, Databases, etc.




The software guides you to measure the needed points to define each shape to be controlled such us:

  • Horizontal plane
  • Vertical plane
  • Tilted plane
  • Cylinder
  • 3D Surface
  • 3D Polyline 

The 3D surfaces are defined by an imported DXF triangulated mesh.


The software calculates in real time the minimal perpendicular distance to each shape to be compared with.



Different offsets can be applied to the surface in order to indicate i.e. formworks and the direction in or outwards. 


The use of different prism types such us spherical ones is also supported, as well as prism offset and sphere radius can be indicated.

The inspected points can be recorded together with visual lines in the 3D view and several attributes such us projected point on the surface, distance to surface, offsets, hold inside/outside, etc.


 The raw data and the calculated points can be exported to a customized HTML report for quality control purposes.